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Triple Threat

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I just completed another book for a publishing company in Canada.  They’ll eventually send me a few copies, but I usually have to wait about 4-6 months.  I hate waiting.  I don’t even like Christmas. You know why? Because It’s all about waiting.  You have to wait to give kids presents. The torture! Anyway, art posting time.



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Meechie You’re The Greatest!

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This project was completely different than any other projects that I worked on in Children’s book Illustration. Whelp, I had a male author and working with him is a lot different than working with a female author. I wasn’t expecting that, but I had no idea what to expect after all.

Book Cover


3d Character Design


Final Touches and 2D Polish


Painted Pages


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Oh Yeah, Blessed!

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So, in my pursuit of learning more about creating children’s books, I’ve created another one. They all seem like a mountain that is impossible to climb (and complete) but each time I learn, keep pinning. Keep working hard and take one page at a time. Somehow, for the 14th time, I’ve finished. How about that? I had a great Author who worked along with me.  She was very patient and helpful. I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you Alison-Minor Green.


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Page 13 from Oh yeah Blessed.

Page 13 from Oh yeah Blessed.