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Oh Yeah, Blessed!

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So, in my pursuit of learning more about creating children’s books, I’ve created another one. They all seem like a mountain that is impossible to climb (and complete) but each time I learn, keep pinning. Keep working hard and take one page at a time. Somehow, for the 14th time, I’ve finished. How about that? I had a great Author who worked along with me.  She was very patient and helpful. I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you Alison-Minor Green.


Feel free to visit my store and purchase a signed copy, along with stickers while it is on sale!




Page 13 from Oh yeah Blessed.

Page 13 from Oh yeah Blessed.


Miles and Maya’s Countdown to Big Adventures.

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This is my latest and greatest book.  I completed this in January of 2016, and I am so proud of this project. In all honesty, I love every book that I work on, but this one was different. The author allowed me to do my thing. She really supported my artistic vision and allowed me so much creative space.  I literally

Countdown to Big Adventure

Countdown to Big Adventure

Miles_Maya_Final_05-1 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-7 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-9 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-10 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-27 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-36 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-38 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-42 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-44 copy Miles_Maya_Final_05-47 copy fell in love with the characters and the project as a hole.  Thank you Michele, this book was a blast, and I can’t wait to work with you again!  Pick up a copy from my store!

“I AM” A book from 2015

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Here are some samples of the final pages of I AM.  The books can be purchased on Amazon or

I really loved working on this book. The process of converting my style to a children book audience is getting easier. It’s a good thing time is on my side and this experiment with my new vocation is more fun than I ever thought it would be.  Order a book and check it out! It’s pretty exciting.

2015-11-06 01.35.41





Here are a couple of screen shots, from a book that I am working on. It should be out at the end of the year, if all goes well. Fingers crossed and so are my eyes! These are all Works in progress.




Little Girl_02

“Big Sis”