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Triple Threat

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I just completed another book for a publishing company in Canada.  They’ll eventually send me a few copies, but I usually have to wait about 4-6 months.  I hate waiting.  I don’t even like Christmas. You know why? Because It’s all about waiting.  You have to wait to give kids presents. The torture! Anyway, art posting time.



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Meechie You’re The Greatest!

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This project was completely different than any other projects that I worked on in Children’s book Illustration. Whelp, I had a male author and working with him is a lot different than working with a female author. I wasn’t expecting that, but I had no idea what to expect after all.

Book Cover


3d Character Design


Final Touches and 2D Polish


Painted Pages


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Footprints In The Sky

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Footprints in the sky is a book about a daughter and fathers love. The Father eventually dies from cancer and the daughter is left with nothing more than memories of her and her dad.


couch sitting


Weapon Sketches for Bitgremlin Games

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Here is how the weapons started off. It was a very fun experience, working with Bitgremlin and helping them develop their weapons. Eventually I will post some higher Res. versions of the weapons soon enough.